Monthly Archives: December 2013

The hills are alive with silence

Just got my permit and two new moderators for my 22lr weapons. A sak and an ase utra. First impressions, the pricetag on the ase is a NOT a coincidence. It is in a class of its own! The first shot is as quiet as the following shots and they are very quiet! The sak is a bit loud on the first shot, but is rather good on the following shots, not as good as the ase though.

I will try to borrow equipment and measure the soundlevels.

Moderators, finally!

Soundmoderators for firearms has finally been legalized in Denmark.

I have bought two for .22lr, a SAK and an Ase Utra, I will try to write up a comparison of the two when i have tested them side by side.

My wishlist has been updated with wishes for moderators for the rest of my calibers 😉