Pulled roedeer

I shoot a roedeer in the fall, p√ľrsched in to around 45 meters and got it with a lung/heart shoot from my .357Mag Marlin.

She was DRT












That isn’t the important part of the story. The important part is that we then made “pulled roedeer” in that was¬†marvelous!

The hind quarter was covered with a blanket of bacon and a marinade (how can a¬†recipe beginning like that possibly be bad?) and slowcooked at 105¬§C for 10 hours… ¬†


The hills are alive with silence

Just got my permit and two new moderators for my 22lr weapons. A sak and an ase utra. First impressions, the pricetag on the ase is a NOT a coincidence. It is in a class of its own! The first shot is as quiet as the following shots and they are very quiet! The sak is a bit loud on the first shot, but is rather good on the following shots, not as good as the ase though.

I will try to borrow equipment and measure the soundlevels.

Moderators, finally!

Soundmoderators for firearms has finally been legalized in Denmark.

I have bought two for .22lr, a SAK and an Ase Utra, I will try to write up a comparison of the two when i have tested them side by side.

My wishlist has been updated with wishes for moderators for the rest of my calibers ūüėČ


I have begun documenting my reloading efforts, I’m still rather new in this game, but it is a lot of fun. For now, my pet¬†recipes¬†are¬†available (if you decide to try them, it is¬†entirely your own¬†responsibility¬†!). I will try to describe my reloading methods and share all the beginner-mistakes I am bound to make.

Still Lazy

But not gone, will try to get going here again, my focus here will be moving towards hunting and sportsshooting (and the odd geekstuff on occasion :-p )

I’ve been a lazy bastard

Still really busy though, I need to spend more time on this blog or shut it down…

Christmas coming up, my wishlist has been updated to¬†anticipate that ūüėČ

Tried to put a “nissehue” on my son yesterday, he wasn’t amused…