Ruger GP-100 6″, blued

Marlin 1894C, 18.5″ with Skinner peep sights

.357magnum was developed in the early 1930s by, among others, Elmer Kieth.

Reloading data


Target load, GP-100

Brass: Magtech

Primer: WSPM

Powder: VV N330, 5.5gr

Bullet: H&N 158gr TCHS

COL: 39,5mm

Medium taper crimp

V0= aprox. 305m/s


Full house hunting load, GP-100/Marlin 1894c

Brass: Fiotchi

Primer: WSPM

Powder: VV N105, 11.3gr

Bullet: H&N 158gr TCHS

COL: 41,5mm

Medium factory crimp, with Lee deluxe die-set crimp die

V0= aprox. 520m/s in the Marlin and 450m/s in the Ruger

All reloading data fits my guns only, if You use it, it is entirely Your responsibility!


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