Ruger GP-100 6″, blued

Marlin 1894C, 18.5″ with Skinner peep sights

.357magnum was developed in the early 1930s by, among others, Elmer Kieth.

Reloading data


Target load, GP-100

Brass: Magtech

Primer: WSPM

Powder: VV N330, 5.5gr

Bullet: H&N 158gr TCHS

COL: 39,5mm

Medium taper crimp

V0= aprox. 305m/s


Full house hunting load, GP-100/Marlin 1894c

Brass: Fiotchi

Primer: WSPM

Powder: VV N105, 11.3gr

Bullet: H&N 158gr TCHS

COL: 41,5mm

Medium factory crimp, with Lee deluxe die-set crimp die

V0= aprox. 520m/s in the Marlin and 450m/s in the Ruger

All reloading data fits my guns only, if You use it, it is entirely Your responsibility!


2 thoughts on “.357mag

  1. Willi

    Hi Magnus,

    I found your website as I`m looking for a load with VV N105.
    I got from H&N a data: Starline case, 10.2 – 11.0 grs, 40.3 mm. small pistol primer and a nice crimp.

    I have a Marlin 1894 Carbine, 357 mag with a barrel length of 18.5 inch too.

    What makes me wonder is your COL of 41.5 mm.
    Most user of Marlins mention that a COL of 1.590 inch is the maximum. That´s about 40.4 mm.

    My case carrier likes ammo with a COL of 40.3 mm.

    Do you have no problems in cycling?

    Best regards,

    Willi from Austria

  2. Magnus Post author

    Hi Willi, this is the longest COAL I can get my Marlin to reliable cycle. And it gives me a few cubic millimeters more for powder 🙂

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