Sci-fi and pen and paper…

Went to see Star Trek tonight with a very good friend. Besides from the movie beeing great and talking about that, we talked about books, sci-fi books, wich we both have a weeknes for.

Hammilton, Herbert, Elizabeth Moon or Kevin J. Anderson… uhm I like it!

Peter, my friend with whom I was watching Star Trek, told me that he had just read Starship Troopers. Well, I’ve updated mu wishlist (again). I need that book. Buy me gifts!

3 thoughts on “Sci-fi and pen and paper…

  1. Ibber

    Starship Troopers may be a good book…the movie sucked though. But STAR TREK rules! I love Spock. With all his annoying og confusing logic 😀 And Éomer in a Doctor’s suit, *rrrrrr*

  2. Magnus Post author

    The book is more philosophical in its approach to war and military… I think it could be an interesting read. BTW, the movie had its moments 😉 I loved its sarcastic approach to the fascist echoes of American life.

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