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rsync and backup

The setup is: Clients -> Server -> NAS. ssh from Client to server, cifs from server to NAS.

First bit, make ssh keypairs for the clients, if the backup-process is supposed to be unsupervised, then make keypairs without passwords. Then I needed to fiddle with the backup-share, permissions screwed with rsync, generating a lot of noise in the log. Stuff got backed up though. Heres what my backupscript ended up looking like:

# for copy from CLIENTBACKUPDIR to /mnt/Backup/$BACKUPUSER directory on server
cd $HOME || exit 1
rsync –delete –exclude-from=$HOME/.rsync/exclude-backup \
–timeout=999 -azu \
-e “ssh -l $SSHUSER -i .ssh/backup -ax -o ClearAllForwardings=yes” \
The $HOME/.rsync/exclude-backup file looks something like this:
– /Media/*
– /Music/*
– /.*
The path is relative to $HOME
The noperm option made a lot of difference in the /etc/fstab on the server. Otherwise rsync threw up a lot of permission-errors. cifs perhaps isn’t ideal, but it gives me more options.
This even works with DeltaCopy on my wifes Win7 netbook. And it was a nobrainer from all of my Debian-machines and my moms Ubuntu netbook.

New ROM for my Android

I’ve flashed my HTC Hero Android phone with a new ROM and a firmware with new and improved bits for the radiostuff.

The new ROM is based on the upcomming update from HTC (should be almost here now) and it is FAST!

I’m just now trying to figure out how to remove apps I don’t use…

(adb shell is a fun way to make a mess :-D)

This is how:

Needed, Android sdk and fastboot and cm-recovery.img. If you are on a windowsmachine you might need to update your usbdrivers, I have no idea how to do that (it works out of the box on all my linuxboxes) but I imagine you need to doubleclick on lots of buttons…

Get the new ROM and maybe even the updated firmware for the radio.



Put both of the zip-files on your sd-card.

Plug in your phone and run

fastboot boot /path/to/cm-recovery.img

wipe your phone (perhaps with a backup first).

Use the menu to install the zipfiles (first the radio, then the ROM) and you are done.

After that I began rm’ing stuf with adb shell to get rid of stuff I never use. YMMV!