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rsync and backup

The setup is: Clients -> Server -> NAS. ssh from Client to server, cifs from server to NAS.

First bit, make ssh keypairs for the clients, if the backup-process is supposed to be unsupervised, then make keypairs without passwords. Then I needed to fiddle with the backup-share, permissions screwed with rsync, generating a lot of noise in the log. Stuff got backed up though. Heres what my backupscript ended up looking like:

# for copy from CLIENTBACKUPDIR to /mnt/Backup/$BACKUPUSER directory on server
cd $HOME || exit 1
rsync –delete –exclude-from=$HOME/.rsync/exclude-backup \
–timeout=999 -azu \
-e “ssh -l $SSHUSER -i .ssh/backup -ax -o ClearAllForwardings=yes” \
The $HOME/.rsync/exclude-backup file looks something like this:
– /Media/*
– /Music/*
– /.*
The path is relative to $HOME
The noperm option made a lot of difference in the /etc/fstab on the server. Otherwise rsync threw up a lot of permission-errors. cifs perhaps isn’t ideal, but it gives me more options.
This even works with DeltaCopy on my wifes Win7 netbook. And it was a nobrainer from all of my Debian-machines and my moms Ubuntu netbook.

New serverhardware

My home server started acting out last week. I decided to replace it and began considering different solutions. I decided on a solution with a small server and a nas and i chose a eee-box 202 and a Readynas NV+.

The eee-box got debian-lenny installed and I’m configuring it right now. The nas is syncing it’s drives right now. It seems it will be working for at least a couple of hours more before it is done.

My old sollution with an epia based computer and three ATA drives was noisy and powerhungry. Based on the specs, my new sollution should be a lot more quiet and use less power (and perform better ๐Ÿ˜€ )

Compiz and weekends

I’ve just spend a nice weekend in Jutland visiting my in-laws and rather than wasting valuable time when going back and forth, I updated my compiz-fusion to the latest git-snapshot. I must say, that sphere-like and atlantis2 really agrees with me!

Still can’t get window-previews to work with KDE and kicker though, but nothing new in that :-s

Netgear EVA 8000 HD

Some time ago I bought a Netgear EVA 8000 HD, it is a media player that plays multimediacontent on an USB disk or your network. I quickly realised that the firmware it was born with was bugridden and not quite ready. It is save to say that I was a bit disappointed. But mutch to my surprise I discovered that not only was I not alone in my disappointment, Netgear was developing the software for this player rather aggressively! The first update fixed a LOT of bugs and I have become a betatester for Netgears developmentbranch of the software and they ship a new betafirmware approximately once a a week.

It is turning out to be an interesting, rather than disappointing, piece of hardware ๐Ÿ™‚


I completely forgot to mention that it runs Linux!

New stuff

Got a new laptop the other day. A Dell XPS M 1330. It was delivered with Vista but that was soon fixed! A Debian netinstall CD and it was humming along happily after a few hours ๐Ÿ™‚

It was more or less effortless to get all the hardware running under debian. Card-reader, Nvidia graphics, Intel wifi, stuff just worked… I bit boring actually… The only challenge was the fingerprint-reader and that quickly stopped being a challange after I discovered fprint , theres even a .dep in experimental. It integrates nicely in PAM.

I think the iwl module underperformes a bit, but rumor has it that it should be fixed in kernel 2.6.25 (which has just been released).