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Chromium (google chrome) for linux

It has been a while since I had a look at googles browser, Chrome. There is no linux port yet, not of chrome anyway, but the opensource project chromium (the codebase for chrome) has a buildbot that spits a couple of builds out every day. It is still in a very early (alpha) stage. But the browsing part works… And it is fast! Bookmarks, options, settings is not working yet but take it for a spin and decide for yourself 🙂

The screenshot is Chromium build 16178 on KDE 4.2.2, Debian unstable.

New serverhardware

My home server started acting out last week. I decided to replace it and began considering different solutions. I decided on a solution with a small server and a nas and i chose a eee-box 202 and a Readynas NV+.

The eee-box got debian-lenny installed and I’m configuring it right now. The nas is syncing it’s drives right now. It seems it will be working for at least a couple of hours more before it is done.

My old sollution with an epia based computer and three ATA drives was noisy and powerhungry. Based on the specs, my new sollution should be a lot more quiet and use less power (and perform better 😀 )


Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the universe is winning.


Have been a bit busy, to busy to keep this place updated even…

I’ve been trying to get a calendar solution up and running. I started out with phpIcalendar and experimented a bit with webdav for apache. I wanted a solution that gave me the the possibility to have my calendar-software (in this case KOrganizer) running on different machines but using the same iCal-file. After I got webdav running I realized that it would be much simpler just to use the already running ssh-server. I used the KDE fish: protocol to connect KOrganizer to my ssh-server and it works like a charm!

Opensource Facebook

Rumor has it, that the social network, Facebook is about to release their platform as opensource. There are already other sites using the Facebook platform (Bebo among others). They have had licensing-agreements with Facebook. If the rumor is true the languages FMBL, FQL, the library FJS and the Facebook API will be released under an opensource license.

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