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New serverhardware

My home server started acting out last week. I decided to replace it and began considering different solutions. I decided on a solution with a small server and a nas and i chose a eee-box 202 and a Readynas NV+.

The eee-box got debian-lenny installed and I’m configuring it right now. The nas is syncing it’s drives right now. It seems it will be working for at least a couple of hours more before it is done.

My old sollution with an epia based computer and three ATA drives was noisy and powerhungry. Based on the specs, my new sollution should be a lot more quiet and use less power (and perform better 😀 )

Still at it!

Ehm, remember my chilis? Last autumn I cut them down to about 10 cm and left them for the winter. Now it’s spring and they are really growing again! I’ll get you a picture one of these days, but right now I cant be bothered!

Here we go again!

Some might remember my previous experiments with chiliplants.
A couple of years ago my flat could have been mistaken for “The little shop of horrors” and last year my chilis weren’t chilis :-s

This year my chilis are chilis, no doubt about that…And they are growing!


Chili… or something

I’m pissed!
My chili isn’t a chili. Its ordenary peppers, wich, I must admit, are tasty, but not at all what I was expecting.

So, here it is, the last picture, there will be no more.

Still growing, but what is the point now…