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Still at it!

Ehm, remember my chilis? Last autumn I cut them down to about 10 cm and left them for the winter. Now it’s spring and they are really growing again! I’ll get you a picture one of these days, but right now I cant be bothered!

Here we go again!

Some might remember my previous experiments with chiliplants.
A couple of years ago my flat could have been mistaken for “The little shop of horrors” and last year my chilis weren’t chilis :-s

This year my chilis are chilis, no doubt about that…And they are growing!



No, not “a waste” or “to waste”, just waste.

I’m fiddling with it at the moment, waste that is, seems really clever, just have to figure out how to get the daemon running on my linux server, but I have no doubt that I will be victorius 😉

oh, and my chillies are still growing!