Still hurting, in more ways than one…

When I woke up this morning it was with a weird feeling, actually, it was with a couple of weird feelings
The first one was my legs, still hurting from mondays ordeal, but i got them out of bed nevertheless.
The other weird feeling began with the sneaking sensation that there, perhaps, was something I had forgotten. I remembered what it was in the shower. It has been four years, today the 11th of may 2005, since Douglas Adams died. How odd it is to know that there will be no more books that will make us laugh until we wet ourselves…

Since today is a bit (!) weird allready I found something you might enjoy. Ehm, well, you wont, it’s Vogon poetry, but here it is anyway:
Vogon poetry #1
Vogon poetry #2
Vogon poetry #3
Vogon poetry #4

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