Monthly Archives: June 2008

Light just falls in to it…

Remember the ship Zaphod and the gang steals from The Restaurant at the End of the Universe? It was made of this:

Black stuff

“Three things can happen to light when it hits a material,” says Boston College Physicist Willie J. Padilla. “It can be reflected, as in a mirror. It can be transmitted, as with window glass. Or it can be absorbed and turned into heat. This metamaterial has been engineered to ensure that all light is neither reflected nor transmitted, but is turned completely into heat and absorbed. It shows we can design a metamaterial so that at a specific frequency it can absorb all of the photons that fall onto its surface.”

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Have been a bit busy, to busy to keep this place updated even…

I’ve been trying to get a calendar solution up and running. I started out with phpIcalendar and experimented a bit with webdav for apache. I wanted a solution that gave me the the possibility to have my calendar-software (in this case KOrganizer) running on different machines but using the same iCal-file. After I got webdav running I realized that it would be much simpler just to use the already running ssh-server. I used the KDE fish: protocol to connect KOrganizer to my ssh-server and it works like a charm!