Monthly Archives: May 2008

Opensource Facebook

Rumor has it, that the social network, Facebook is about to release their platform as opensource. There are already other sites using the Facebook platform (Bebo among others). They have had licensing-agreements with Facebook. If the rumor is true the languages FMBL, FQL, the library FJS and the Facebook API will be released under an opensource license.

Read more here.

Solidstate fans?

It almost doesn’t make sense. But if you take this:

Shrinks it and stuffs it next to you CPU or GPU you will have an almost silent airmover. Apparently it moves more air and consumes less power than a traditionally fan.
Look at this:

It must be producing a lot of ozone though. Ans isn’t there something about ozone and rubber? Or Ozone and headaches?
I dont know, I just know I want one, now please!

By the way, please do not comment on that guys hair, even if we are talking about fans :-s


Still playing GTA.. And working… But I wanted to follow up on this. There is a new beta flashplayer out. Flashplayer 10. It seems that there is still no support for V4L2 but there are workarounds. And speaking of Linux and Adobe, they have released AIR for Linux as well, still alpha though.

Did I mention that I’m looking forward to the next driverupdate from Nvidia? I am! Last one is from february. The current driver underperformes a lot in 2D.


They are closing in, fast now! Not mine though, but the kid’s. Physics and English, those are my responsibility. With a little luck they’ll make me proud 🙂

Compiz and weekends

I’ve just spend a nice weekend in Jutland visiting my in-laws and rather than wasting valuable time when going back and forth, I updated my compiz-fusion to the latest git-snapshot. I must say, that sphere-like and atlantis2 really agrees with me!

Still can’t get window-previews to work with KDE and kicker though, but nothing new in that :-s