Monthly Archives: August 2008


I just realized that I’ve forgot to mention that I got my bike back a couple of weeks ago. I missed it to much and i decided that if I only ride a little it will be ok 🙂


Got a new gadget the other day, it’s a GPS, a Garmin etrex Legend HCx, it fits great in the palm of my hand and on my bike. I’ve uploaded City Navigator Maps and gave it a testrun today and it works like a charm. Navigating by the map is not that easy, it’s to small, but I changed the interface to show me turn by turn navigation and that helped a lot.

I’m about to try the TOPO maps of sweden since I’m going hiking there en about a month, I’ll let you know how the unit baves under those conditions.

KDE 4.1 first impressions

well… I’ve installed KDE 4.1 from experimental and besides from wierd crashes when i log in (with plasmoids upside down and garbled screens) it behaves, more or less 😉 As I said, it have been installed from experimental and the buildnumber is 4.1.0-1, some bugs are to be expected! I’m really exited to see the development of the KDE 4.1 packages in Debian!

The Desktopeffects are really cool, not as extravagant as Compiz but that’s ok in my book. The only really bothersome bug for me right now is the ALT+TAB “walkthroughwindows” funktion doesn’t walk through the windows from all the desktops and I can’t find a way to make it :-s